Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Skip Out On Conventions

If I could give one piece of advice to the aspiring creative or the recently starting up startup, it would be to consider attending conventions, exhibitions, and workshops. Whether it’s the academically-driven TEDx or the incredibly hyped-up National Achievers Congress, there’s no denying that these events offer valuable opportunities for learning and networking.
Before actually attending my first exhibition, I was a sceptic, too. These heavily promoted events seemed like misleading albeit well-orchestrated PR stunts spearheaded by people who just wanted to take your money. Hundreds upon hundreds of wide-eyed hopefuls flock to these events to learn from larger-than-life mentors who offer superficial advice at a ridiculously high cost.

However, when you run your own business, there are seldom opportunities you can leave to chance. You take any advantage you can get, employ guerilla tactics to meet your dues, and put in hundreds upon hundreds of unpaid hours building your foundations. So, when an opportunity to attend the 2018 Entrepreneurs’ Unconvention hosted by ‘The Entourage‘ presented itself, I set my prejudices aside and took a chance.

And I haven’t regretted my decision since.

The atmosphere was electrifying. The energy, the crowd, and the sheer number of people were unreal. It was easy to get swept up in all the commotion. Speakers from all walks of life who found success in one form or another graced the stage with humble exuberance, captivating the crowd in awestruck silence. You could almost feel the gravity of their anecdotes reverberating through the hearts and minds of their audience.

And then I felt it, too: the slow climax of realising that I’m in no way inconceivably different from the speaker, that I’m fully capable of achieving what they’ve achieved.

Often, these speakers passionately (sometimes even aggressively) assert the simplicity of the route towards financial freedom and assure the audience that the complexity of their endeavours is all in their heads. What people fail to realise is that you may think you know what your obstacles are, but sometimes you forget that the biggest obstacle between you and your goals is often yourself.

When you put the drama, the lights, the screams, and the applause aside, you’ll realise that the most important takeaway from these events is realising the power of the self. The power of me. The power that I have to drive my endeavours to the extent that I’m capable of enduring physically and mentally, and then to be able to break through those limitations thereafter.

If anything else, these conventions allow you and your team to explore opportunities, engage in open dialogue, and reframe your own essential why. Sure, you might take nothing away from attending these events, but what if it made all the difference? Is that a risk you’d be willing to take?


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