We believe that every brand deserves to have their story told

At If & When, our raison d’être // ​reason for being // ​centres on our love for storytelling. Through meaningful imagery that is equally engaging as it is impactful, we work with you in showcasing and broadcasting the very best of your ideals.

“You can design, create & build the most wonderful things in the world. But it takes people to make that dream a reality” – Walt Disney

About Us

Welcome to If & When, we believe that every brand deserves to have their story told and heard through meaningful content that is equally as engaging as it is intimate, innovative, and imaginative.

That’s where we come in.

With our integrated growth plan encompassing the three pillars of create, curate, and manage. I&W is uniquely positioned to deliver real value for clients in crafting content that reaches, captivates, and persuades the audience.

We are a creative communications agency that works together with brands enhancing their flavour and sharing the stories at the heart of their business.
Meet the Team

Our Plans

Starter Plan

Let us add some flavour to your brand and bring your small business onto the social platform.

We’ll craft content that will reach, captivate & persuade your audience.
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Growth Plan

Your social media platforms have a nice flow, you’ve definitely found your style. However, with the right supporting strategies it can be even better.

Growth is the key.

Our plan not only helps your brand look amazing but authentically engages your community
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Connect Plan

Your social media platforms have found their look and feel. Now let’s make it unforgettable.

Connect with your community.

Understand your current market and make sure you’re ahead of the game with our Connect Plan.
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